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Wansa No Frost Refrigerators

Fresh And Long-Lasting Items

Wansa refrigerators use frost-free cooling, completely removing the need to defrost your freezer & saving time cleaning shelves & drawers. Frost-free technology offers quicker cooling time as well. This in turn retains freshness & allows food to be preserved for long periods.

Wansa Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Energy Efficient

All Wansa refrigerators & freezers are CFC-free. This means that they do not harm the ozone layer & do not contribute to greenhouse gas build-up. Updated cooling technology has allowed for more efficient, silent compressors that utilize less energy & create a pleasant kitchen environment.

Elegant Design

  • Wansa optimized refrigeration systems allow for energy savings, offering significant reductions in energy costs.
  • The knock-down double door gasket is easily cleaned & renewed. This prevents cold air leakage while preserving freshness.
  • Wansa refrigerators preserve your food & make sure that the freshness & nutrients last long.
  • Wansa refrigarators come built in with useful bins & handy shelving options that help you maximize storage capacity. All this without making the refrigerator bulky.
  • Our noise suppression systems ensure that Wansa refrigerators are quite. This means that Wansa refrigarators are seen & not heard.
  • Our design teams research to make sure that user convenience is never compromised. This in turn results in a better experience when using Wansa refrigerators.
  • Wansa refrigerators are environmentally friendly with CFC-free technology & high efficiency compressors.

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